Link Love: Friendship and Other Stuff

The links below have offered me personal insight, and I hope you can find them useful as well. Enjoy! Friendship It starts with a short, but wise quote from an article that confirmed a personal journey I had started at the end of 2011 going into 2015, “We need to reclaim the word “friend” to […]

A little history

In 2008, when I began consulting, I was focused solely on helping beauty industry professionals market themselves online. As a former salon owner, I’d had great success using internet marketing techniques, and naturally wanted to share my knowledge with people who were former colleagues and friends. Over the years, my client base has expanded so […]

We’re hiring. Just kidding!

Even though I’ve been freelance consulting full-time a while now, I’m always open to new opportunities and constantly contacted by recruiters about in-house positions. I’m sharing this recent experience because it caught me off guard. Has this ever happened to you? About a month ago, an internal recruiter from a marketing agency contacted me about […]

A look back…

Always fun to look back on past projects.  Let’s Get Foodie BMW of Chattanooga (while working with MMLabs)

Strategies for Emerging Markets

This is an excerpt from a paper written for one of my International Marketing courses. One of the problems with creating a marketing plan on a both a regional and global scale is that it needs to be fairly flexible. It’s easy to mistake random picking and choosing for flexibility. So, how do you know […]

Work: Website Revamp

Unbeknownst to me, car dealerships have eCommerce limitations unlike traditional businesses and have specific challenges without a lot of solutions available to them. They have inventory feeds that need to not only push out inventory to numerous third party websites, but they need to connect with CRMs for financing options, data collection, sales persons, as […]